Thursday, April 10, 2014

A friend commissioned me to create a jellyfish woodblock, It had its challenges and here it is.

I am very happy with the way Mr. Walrus has turned out specifically with the coloring. I just want to squeeze him.

Here is the test print of the Polar Bear. this specific woodblock took so long to finish w random projects popping up, it is nice to finally see it printed.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thanks to a couple friends I was able to catch up on some printing today. Getting ready for my show on May 25th at Dunn Bros in the North Loop 3-5. With awesome music by Patrick and Jesse Red It will be an amazing time :)

Since being a new mom I have been very appreciative of my free time. Focusing my time on working outside my comfort zone, which is painting and drawing I am hoping to do alot more of both. I have come to realize it is a quick way to take a break and enter my inner self for a quick moment.
So here is to the  beginning of the new series..I am hoping to focus on animals that are being directly affected by climate change and on the brink of extinction but we will see how this series takes shape.
I am excited to say I am doing my last series of prints with my past woodblocks this week since lately it feels as though I am going in circles with my work unable to create anything new. So here is to hiberation with the old and some positive growth with  the new.
 Here is the polar bear leading the way. I am specifically focusing on small details and capturing the   motion of the bear within the block.

I have been wanting to focus on some new work, but I have been very busy with our first baby boy. William Si Truong, he was born on March 9. So life has been a bit of a whirlwind, adjusting to mommyhood and making time for myself is quite a challenge.
But it has been so amazing every second of it. I would not change it for the whole world :)